Starting A Blog: 10 Things You NEED

So you’ve decided blogging might be something you’re interested in but you don’t know where to begin. I was in the exact position just 7 months ago when a good friend suggested it to me. I had thought about blogging before to share my passions with the world but never thought it was really something people would get into. I was so wrong about that but now I’m so glad that I gave it a shot. We’ve talked about some of the reasons why you should start a blog, but what about the things you’ll need when you’re ready? I’ve come up with a list of 10 simple things (from my experience) you’ll need below.

10 Things You Need To Start A Blog

  1. Passion: Just like the first reason I listed, the first thing needed is a strong passion. If you don’t have a passion for whatever you wish to blog about, you simply won’t be committed to it.
  2. Purpose: Before you start you should think about the purpose you want it to serve. Knowing this early will be the difference between a great start and a not so great start. If you start without a purpose you’ll be struggling to find one as you go.
  3. Ideas: You’ll have to have some post ideas of course. There’s no blogging without that. And I’m not talking 2 or 3, you should write down at least a page worth of ideas if you’re serious and want to blog for the long run.
  4. Notebook/Notepad: Once you have some ideas, you’ll need a place to write them down so you don’t forget them. Trust me, you will forget. I’ve been there, done that and learned the hard way.
  5. Great Name: Now comes the fun part, choosing a great name. This part can also be overwhelming if you let it. Before you choose a name, make sure it is available on main social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. It’s also good to check if the email is taken or not. It should be easy to spell and pronounce and relate to your blog/website. Let me know if you’d like me to do a full post on names and I gladly will.
  6. Platform: There are a lot of platforms to choose from when starting your blog. I personally like and now but you can also look into Blogger, Blogspot, Weebly, Squarespace, even Tumblr to see which works best for you.
  7. Basic knowledge: You’ll need basic knowledge of Microsoft word, web and graphic design. You’ll learn more as you grow.
  8. Camera: A camera is good to have if you plan on being a blogger, but you don’t need an expensive fancy camera to get the job done. I use my iPhone and I know people that use their android phones as well. The pictures may not turn out as great but it’s better than nothing to get started and works just as fine if you know how to edit well. There are also good websites you can use for free stock images like Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash.
  9. Socal Media/Email: You’ll need an email to even sign up, you need an email for just about anything online but social media can be another way for your readers to connect with you when you aren’t blogging, and to stay updated. Social media is also great for traffic! The more ways for people to find your blog the better, right? Just don’t go overboard, choose 1 or 2 to focus on in the beginning that way you don’t become overwhelmed trying to update and grow them all.
  10. Value: Before you start blogging, or before you share a post think of how you can give value to the reader. What can the reader gain from following your blog or reading that post? If the answer is nothing, something negative, or “learning about me and my life” you might want to reconsider. While there’s nothing wrong with your readers getting to know you, that’s actually great but, what is it about your life that is going to be valuable to others to make them want to follow/subscribe and come back for more? Can they relate to things you talk about? Can they learn something useful? Can they feel emotion? These are things you should think about when delivering value.

If you’ve got these 10 simple things, you’re ready to start your journey.✨

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  1. August 23, 2017 / 7:17 pm

    Free stock image websites are a lifesaver, haha!! I love finding pics on their sites to liven up my posts. This is definitely an essential list for beginners! You did a great job with it! xx 💖

    • Natasha Lecole
      August 24, 2017 / 9:56 pm

      YES! They have saved my blogs whole look lol. I hope to start taking my own photos soon, but until then free stock images has got the job covered.

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