Sometimes We Lose…

Sometimes in life, we lose. But every loss can turn into a gain if we allow it. Think about it, when you misplace important things you might get frustrated, you might even panic. When you sit down a minute and think about things, you remember where that item is or you learn to be more organized so you won’t misplace it again. When you lose a friend or a relationship fails you might feel heartbroken, confused, and angry. When you sit down and think, you calm down realizing you both blew things out of proportion and make up. Or you’ll think about why that relationship ended and realize it was for the better.

What happens when the time is lost?

I had a post ready for Monday, but when Sunday night came around I decided I didn’t like that idea anymore. Monday morning came and I felt the same but I told myself I could just get something else ready to post. I spent time searching and brainstorming for the right idea, nothing special came to mind. I was frustrated and upset with myself and doubted my abilities. Time and more time went by and here we are on Tuesday. Yes, I’m happy that my thoughts are a little more clear but I feel like I wasted so much time yesterday and doubting myself only made things worse.

Time is being lost every second, but every second is also a second of life being gained.

I turned the negative into a positive. A while ago I told myself that If I ever feel uninspired or if I ever have writer’s block not to feel ashamed about needing a time off to relax my mind. It was just that this time it wasn’t that I was uninspired, or had writer’s block. I just didn’t like the Idea I had anymore and had trouble coming up with something to replace it with. I had ideas of what I could replace it with but nothing really stood out. So I stopped worrying, stopped doubting, and spent the rest of the day relaxing, spending time with my boyfriend and cleaning. Things that needed to get done anyway that probably wouldn’t have until today… Now I have time to post and get more tasks completed, I didn’t force anything.

In the past when I forced posts I noticed I would go back and not feel as good about them as others. In my opinion that translates to wasted time… Sure some readers may have enjoyed them, but I knew that those posts were lacking the intended potential. The same can be said for a friendship or relationship. It may look good to others on the outside, but deep down if you know something isn’t right it affects you negatively, not the person on the outside looking in.

That wasted time, turned into a gain because it was a lesson learned. I took what I learned and applied it to the present situation.

With some decisions we make, others may say we’ve made a mistake, they tell us what we should or should have done instead. They tell us what they think is best and then they judge us. Well, I am not my mistakes, you are not your mistakes. Our mistakes do not define us, how we react and the lessons we learn from them are what define us and that’s only a small portion. Even if we act the most positive, and value our lessons most we still aren’t perfect but we are worth all the credit we deserve for not giving up despite going through and losing so much in life.

Blogging and life, in general, has taught me so much and I will take the lessons every where that I go. My losses in life lately have inspired me to write the poem below. Actually, I’m not sure if I’m going for a poem or song, it’s only a draft but I hope you enjoy and take something valuable from it.💖

Sometimes We Lose

Sometimes We Lose

I’ve lost my I.D. I’ve lost some money, I still lose my mind.
I’ve lost a lot of love, I’ve lost some friends of mine
and I still lose time.
How do I get it back?
Why does it seem so hard to lose the misfortunes?
I’m not perfect, I’ve done wrong
I’ve made a lot of bad choices.
Regretful decisions, I’ve learned my lessons
I am not my mistakes
but that’s how some folks will take it.
There are things that I wish I could forget
and things I could never admit
because I’m not perfect
I do the best that I can to leave the worst days in the past
Cause all I’ve lost is already gone
but I know that I’ve grown and I’ll gain so much more.

Natasha Lecole




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