12 Must Watch Inspirational YouTube Videos

The past few weeks I have been digging deeper into life and spirituality, I feel as if I’m on a new journey of finding my true self. A journey to a more purposeful life. I’ve been searching for myself and better days, I’ve been searching for answers. Why is the world the way that it is? I’ve been searching for solutions. I’ve been focusing more on learning, inspiring myself and others and less on my next shopping trip, how I look when I’m going out, how many followers I have on social media, taking the best selfie, coming up with reasons to feel down and hate the world.

You may hear this a lot, but there are bigger things going on around us.

Sometimes we get distracted by social media and other things around us. One platform that has kept me distracted lately is YouTube. I use to watch a lot of pranks, couples and family channels including their drama and many other videos that really served no purpose to my life other than a little…distraction. And entertainment of course. Not that we shouldn’t watch these videos, there’s nothing wrong with them but there are other things to be distracted by that you can actually gain value from, even in YouTube videos.

Us bloggers and other content creators usually say that we want to inspire people and change lives, so why not actually do that more? Sure we can be inspired by the latest fashion trends, or the latest makeup tutorial, the latest music, movies, and games. We love those things and there is plenty of it, but let’s put out more content that can change our lives and this world, Let’s put out more content that will challenge our thoughts.

A purposeful article or video about life can go a long way believe me. I know you all have read or watched something that made you think so deeply about something or made you want to change something for the better. I know you’ve all come across something before that you felt you just had to share with others because you knew the impact it could have. That’s what the videos below did for me and I feel that I must share them with you all. Please take a few minutes of your time to truly be inspired. Some of these videos will really make you think about the way you are living, and maybe want to make some changes. Positive changes.

Important Videos You All Should Watch

Dear Future Generations: Sorry “What ever you’re fighting for, racism or poverty,  feminism, gay rights, or any type of equality it won’t matter in the least. Because if we don’t all work together to save the environment… We will be equally extinct.

I Am Not Black, You Are Not WhiteWho would you be if the world never gave you a label? Never gave you a box to check? Would you be white, black, Mexican, Asian, Native American, middle eastern, Indian? No, we would be one. We would be together no longer living in the error of calling human beings black people or white people… Where there is division there will be conflict and conflict starts wars.

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?We may have big friend lists, but so many of us are friendless all alone cause friendships are more broken than the screens on our very phones. We sit at home on our computers measuring self-worth by numbers of followers and likes.

Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody LivesMost of us are afraid of the thief that comes in the night to steal all of our things, but there is a thief in your mind who is after your dreams. His name is doubt. He has killed more dreams than failure ever did.

Will This Be Humanity’s Fate?Like a man addicted to drugs every society thinks it can’t happen to them until it does…We human beings make machines to fix problems that we created.

Make An ImpactSuccess is incredibly important, but even more important than success is having an impact. It’s knowing that you haven’t walked the planet in vain, and you have made the world a better place.

Life Motivation

It’s Time To ChangeEverybody wants to change the world, but nobody wants to change themselves. Ask yourself, am I moving forward, am I a part of the future or am I just telling stories about the past?

When Times Get Rough; Powerful Motivation For DepressionUse your pain as an instrument for your greatest growth.

The Best Revenge Is Letting Go & Moving On With Your LifeMost people hold onto blame because it’s easier than moving on. Having an excuse or a story of why they aren’t where they want to be gets sympathy from others. The victim role gives comfort and is much easier than taking responsibility. However, it is not and will never be a happy place to stay. Those who take responsibility are much more likely to gain freedom, success, and happiness.

Motivation: Let Go & Love YourselfExamine your expectations vs your wishes. Some people wish they could do better, some people expect to do better. Where are you on that?

Enjoy LifeWhere you are at this point in your life is based on choices that you made at some point in the past. When ever you are in the middle of a negative emotion at some point you have to stop yourself and ask, where is this going to take me?”

How To Find Your True Passion/Life’s Purpose (2016)
How To Find Your True Passion/Life’s Purpose (Updated)It is natural to have multiple passions throughout your life, it is natural to have different hobbies and careers, it is natural to want to try new things. Maybe it’s not so natural to choose one thing to do for your entire life.

Let me know in the comment section if you do watch any of these videos and what you have taken from them. I’d also love to know what life inspiring posts you’ve posted lately, feel free to leave a link.💖

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