I Let Anger Get The Best Of Me…

I let anger get the best of me…

We all do sometimes.

Yesterday, I let anger get the best of me. It doesn’t matter what the situation was, just the fact that I allowed myself to express the anger in ways I didn’t need to.

I threw my phone across the room. Not just my phone, I then threw my iPad as well. But what’s the big deal? Many of us have thrown things before when angry, right?

Is it really serious enough to throw things, especially your own belongings? Even breaking them?

No. It’s not.

My anger did not last long, not even a full day. However, I now have a cracked screen that’s ugly to look at. It’s just the glass protector that is cracked, but until I buy a new one I’m stuck with it. I wouldn’t have to buy a new one anyway if I hadn’t thrown my phone across the room. The cases on both my phone and iPad have drywall scuffles. Luckily the iPad is okay. At least from the outside appearance. I don’t know what might have happened on the inside of the devices. All of that, just to cause more anger or stress than necessary.

Things I could have done instead?

1. I could have taken more time to sit and process the situation, maybe take some deep breaths, or ignored the situation all together after realizing I was becoming to riled up. Choosing my peace instead. At first, I did try to calm myself. I wasn’t persistent enough.

2. I could have just expressed myself through words, respectfully and left it at that. There’s no harm in having a debate, trying to diffuse the issue. There’s no harm in communicating how you feel about something if it bothers you. It becomes harmful when you are disrespectful, rude, cursing, shouting, or just downright verbally abusing someone.

3. I could have set a better tone for my morning. This all happened within the first hour (maybe less) of me waking up. I could have done morning affirmations, morning reflection, journaling, meditation, or even stretches. Doing those simple things could have changed the tone for my morning and the rest of the day.

Am I still upset? Honestly yes. I’m upset at the situation still, that it happened and that I took it so far. But I’m grateful for the quick lesson and blog post that was able to come from it.

We are in control of our own emotions, no matter who or what provokes them. We can choose to make things worse, we can choose to disrupt our own energy by feeding into negative energy, or we can choose to feed into positive energy. You’re allowed to feel emotions. But don’t let emotions control you into doing things you’ll only regret.

Always remember to live life, love life, and inspire the lives of many.

Can you remember a time you were angry, but didn’t let it get the best of you?

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  1. June 17, 2019 / 6:41 pm

    I need to work on #2. It is so hard for me to express my feelings respectfully. I always get into the shouting & cussing.

    I’m glad your devices are physically okay. One time I was so upset, I threw all my favorite makeup & I still regret losing my products but can’t even remember what made me so mad…

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